FAQ page

Who can Register 

The Bride / Bridegroom who is in search of a Life Partner in Swakulasali community only can register in this website.   Bride / Bridegroom's Father / Mother / Guardian / Sibling / Relative / Friend also can register on behalf of them.

What are the compulsory fields of Bride / Bridegroom to be entered during the Registration?

First Name,  Last Name (or initial),  Email ID, Login Password , ID Proof (.jpg file) , Mobile #, Date of Birth, Height, Weight, Gender, Country,  State,  City, Brief Description about Bride / Bridegroom.

When the Bride / Bridegroom’s  Photo image needs to be uploaded?

Bride / Bridegroom’s photo image can be uploaded either during Registration or after the registration.  If you are uploading photo image after the registration, you need to login and choose ‘Upload Photo’ option under ‘My Profile’ section. You can also choose ‘Upload Photo’ option under ‘My Home’ section. You can upload as many as 8 images.  However each photo image size should be Max. 2 MB.

When Horoscope image needs to be uploaded?

Horoscope image needs to be uploaded after the registration.  You need to choose ‘Upload Horoscope’ option under  ‘My Profile’  section for this after the login.  The photo image size should be Max. 2 MB

Whether all the images uploaded needs to be approved by ‘Swakulakalyana’?

Yes.  The ID, Photo and Horoscope images uploaded will be displayed in the profile only after approval by ‘Swakulakalyana’ administrator.  It may take max. of  1 Business day.

How do I login 1st time after the registration?

A confirmation mail along with an activation link will be sent to your mail id provided during the registration.  Your Swakulakalyana matrimonial ID (starts with SK) is also provided in the mail.

Note: If you don’t see the mail in ‘Inbox’, then you may please check the same in ‘spam’ folder.

Once you click on the activation link, your account will be automatically activated.    You can now login to ‘Swakulakalyana’ site either by providing your Swakulakalyana matrimonial ID or your email id mentioned during the registration and the login password provided by you at the time of registration. 

How my mobile number is verified

When you login 1st time, a Verification code is sent to your mobile number mentioned during the registration.  If you enter this verification code in to the tool, the verification is successful.

What are the other compulsory fields needs to be enter after the registration.

Once you login 1st time after the registration, your profile must be completed.   For this you need to choose ‘Edit Profile’ option under ‘My Profile’ section.  You can also choose ‘Edit Profile’ option under  ‘My Home’ section.  Following details of Bride / Bridegroom must be compulsorily filled.

Mother Tongue, Marital Status, Birth Place, Birth Time(HH:MM),Other Known Languages Known, Hobby, Religion, Caste, Gharana,  Birth Star, Moonsign  (Raashi),  Gothra, Address, Phone (Residence) or Alternative Phone, Education, Employed in Sector, Designation, Occupation, Annual Income Rs., Employed at Location, Father  Name, Mother  Name, You have Own House

Following 'Partner Preference' details also must be compulsority filled.

Looking for, Mother Tongue, Expectations, Religion and Cast expected out of Partner needs to be compulsorily filled

How do I view my entire Profile?

You can view your profile details as well as your 'Partner preference' details.  For this Go to ‘View Profile’ option under ‘My Home’ or ‘My Profile’ section.

How do I edit my Profile?

You can edit your profile details as well your 'Partner preference' details.  For this Go to ‘Edit Profile’ option under ‘My Home’ or ‘My Profile’ section.  However fields such as Date of birth can’t be edited.

How do I search other profiles and On what criteria I can search other profile?

Go to 'Search' section.  You can do 4 types of searches. They are 'Quick Search', 'Advanced Search', 'Keyword Search' and 'ID Search'. In 'Quick Search', you can search other profiles by providing basic details  such as Age, Height, Religion, Caste, City, Education etc.,  This will display all the profiles which are matching your basic requirement. In 'Advance Search', apart from these details you can also include, Eating habit, Appeaence etc., In 'Keyword Search'  you can search on  Name, Religion, Caste, Occupation, Location and City fields by providing a Key word.  In ID search, you can search by providing other profile's matrimonial ID.

All these searches can be saved by providing a name so that you need not provide your requirement each time you log in.  These Saved searches are displayed under 'Recent Saved Search' under 'My Home' Section. Just by simply clicking on this name, it will take you to My profile  and show the search name(s) again.  By clicking on 'Search Now' other profiles will be displayed as per the requirement mentioned in search name.  You can delete the search name whenever you want when search name(s) are displayed under My profile

What is the use of 'Custom Match' under 'Matches' Section?

You can provide details of Looking for, Complexion, Religion, Caste, Height, Mothertongue, Country, Education and save this by clicking on 'Save and Search' Option under  Matches Section. By this, the tool automatically displays other matched profiles when you go to 'Matches' section

By selecting ‘Search’ option, can I see all the details of other profiles if I am not a paid user?

No. You can only see a brief description of other profiles if you are not a ‘Paid’ user. 

You can see the complete details along with contact details of other profiles only If you are a ‘Paid’ user.  You can also download the ‘Horoscope’ of other profiles if you are ‘Paid’ User.

Can I change the Membership Plan?

Yes.  You can change your Membership plan once your existing plan is completed.  For this, under 'Upgrade' Section, you need to select 'Payment Options'.  If you want to know what is your current plan, select, 'Current Plan' under 'Upgrade' Section.

What are the Payment options available for the Membership plan payment?

You can make a payment thru through Debit Card / Credit Card or Netbanking.  You can visit our office and make a cash payment.

What should I do if I forget the login password?

You have to click on the 'Forgot password'  option mentioned just below the login and password.   A new password will be sent to your email id provided during the registration.  You can change this password after the login, if required.

How do I delete my profile

You can send a mail through your registered mail id or send an SMS through your registered mobile.  Contact details mentioned in 'Contact us' below the page.